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    May 21, 2018
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  • Legislative Update Week of June 6, 2010
    Updated On: Jun 09, 2017

    Legislative Update Week of June 6

    This will be the LAST legislative update for sometime. The House and Senate agreed to a budget on Wednesday. Which you can read here: 

    There is no gambling in this years budget. A gambling proposal passed the Senate but died in the House once again.

    Below is summary of the bills we were able to pass and the bills we were able to kill this session. I want to thank all of you and all of your members for a tremendously successful session. Together, we were able to battle back against major threats to our pensions and pass some very important measures. Every call or email to a legislator from one of our members played a key roll in our success and I want to thank everyone for working together and weighing in when it mattered most.

    Our next challenge is to get ready for next session by supporting all of our PFFNH members who are running for state rep. I would really like to visit your local to talk about how you can help make our candidates successful.

    Please contact me if you have an upcoming meeting I can attend.

    Thank you all again for a great session.



    Legislation Passed

    SB504 125% rule extension to July 1, 2011          Senate: 24-0

                                                                            House: Voice Vote

    SJR 2 Retiree Medical Trust endorsement            Senate: 24-0 House:

                                                                            Consent Calendar

    HB 1131 fire fighter certification                           Senate: 24-0

                                                                             House: Consent Calendar

    SB 428 911 dispatch time study commission        House and Senate Concurred

    Budget Retiree supplemental payment

    $1000 13th check for retirees who make less than $20,000 and a 13th check of $500 for those who retired before 1993.


    Legislation Killed

    HB 1530 Earnable comp=base pay                         House ITL 180-162

    HB 1664/SB 450 (and other Kurk amendments) 2% employee contribution

    increase                                                              Laid on table/non concurred

    HB 1682 Retirement contribution rate                     House: Killed methodology

    HB 1645 Right to Work                                         House ITL 232-122

    HB 1522/SB 488 Tax Caps                                   ITL 202-148/ITL

                                                                              Senate voice vote

    SB489 Gambling                                                  Senate OTP 14-10

                                                                               House ITL 212-158



    HB 1393 Risk poll regulation bill                             Senate: 24-0

                                                                               House 177-150

    SB 466 Photoelectric Smoke Detectors                  Interim Study

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