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    May 21, 2018
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  • Legislative update Week of April 4th
    Updated On: Jun 09, 2017

    Legislative Update Week of April 4th

    2010 Legislative Session


    The fate of the bill is still unknown and its possible the real fight will happen on the House floor if the committee comes out with an ITL recommendation. If you support expanded gambling however, now is the time to email the committee members with your opinions. You can find their emails here


    SB 489






    The biggest news of the week was the unveiling of the Governor¹s budget

    cuts. President Lang sent out an email about them yesterday but I will add

    the important points from the proposal here again for your information.


    The Governor¹s budget DID NOT include a 1.7% increase in Group II

    employee rates, unlike the House Finance Committee position.


    The Governor¹s budget reduces revenue sharing to cities and towns by $6

    million, a 10% reduction in funds.


    The Governor¹s budget reduces the state¹s aid to municipality¹s

    retirement costs from 25% to 20%. This was the proposal approved by the

    House Finance Committee in HB 1664 and was their reasoning for increasing

    our employee contribution.


    The Governor¹s budget includes many cuts to the HHS department, the states

    largest agency, including a 7.8 million dollar reduction in catastrophic

    aid. This program aids those who have terminal illnesses and are not fully

    covered by Medicaid.


    Lastly, the Governor¹s budget indicates there will be up to 35 state

    employee layoffs


    The Governor¹s proposal will be heard in a joint Senate and House finance

    hearing as a possible amendment to SB 450 which houses a multitude of Health

    and Human Services cuts. This is only the beginning of what is shaping up

    to be a long conversation about the states finances. I will be sure keep

    you all up to date as things progress. Particularly with the cuts to

    revenue sharing and retirement aid to cities and towns we will have to

    remain vigilant and engaged in this process.


    Upcoming legislative action this week:



    Tuesday, April 13th


    Executive session on SJR 2 : A RESOLUTION endorsing the establishment of a

    statewide retiree medical trust for public employee health care

    reimbursement benefits after retirement.



    Thursday, April 15th


    Executive session on SB 489 relative to table gaming and video lottery at

    certain locations throughout the state and relative to the recovery of horse



    Joint House and Senate Finance Committee Hearing on SB 450 amendment, which

    is the Governor¹s budget.


    I hope these updates are helpful. If you or any of your members need more

    information, or clarification on any of the bills or happenings at the

    legislature please call or email me. I¹m always happy to help!



    ?;txtsessionyear week was relatively uneventful with regards to legislation that PFFNH is involved with. However, there was a full committee work session on SB 489, the gambling bill, where multiple amendments were brought to the table.

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