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    May 21, 2018
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    Updated On: Jun 09, 2017

    Legislative Update Week of March 14th



    Attention Local Presidents: URGENT LEGISLATIVE ACTION NEEDED


    This week the House Finance committee passed a 2% employee contribution rate increase for current employees when they voted ought to pass on HB1664. The bill now heads to the house floor where the full house membership will vote on the bill. We need you to PLEASE CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES and ask them to vote ITL on HB 1664. Also, please send this email to your membership and ask them to do the same. Legislators need to hear from all of us by this Wednesday, March 24th.



    Here is an example of how to start the call and a list of points you should hit when you are talking to your Rep. If they aren¹t home you should leave a message that you are a constituent and why you are calling. Always be polite; beating them up won¹t get us their vote.



    ³Hi Representative_____, my name is ________ and I am a constituent of yours from ________ and I¹m also a fire fighter in _________. I¹m calling because I wanted to ask you to please vote against HB 1664 when it comes to the House Floor on Wednesday the 24th. This bill includes a 2% increase in my employee contribution to the New Hampshire Retirement System, which is unfair, unconstitutional and does nothing to fill the 3.4 billion dollar hole in the retirement system that was created in the 1990¹s.


    Make sure to mention:


    § Increasing the employee contribution rate by 2% means that employees

    won¹t be spending that money in the local economy. This bill strips almost $50 million dollars in revenue from the already fragile NH economy


    § We believe changing a benefit for a current employee is

    unconstitutional. By changing the employee contribution rate for current employees, the legislature would be in violation of the state and federal contract clause.


    § Raising the employee contribution will not fill in the 3.4 billion

    dollar hole the legislature created in the 1990¹s. Almost 53% of employers current costs can be attributed to the 3.4 billion UAAL and not to the current benefit costs.


    § The finance committee voted for this increase in employee rates

    because they wanted to offset a reduction in state aid to municipalities¹ retirement costs. The state should not be filling local budget holes out of the pockets of public employees.



    You can find the name and information of your State Representative by clicking here

    Please let me know if you have any questions about the bill or calling your State Rep. These calls will be an integral part of your Representative¹s decision on how to vote on HB 1664 so PLEASE CALL!!


    The full text of the amended bill can be found here: (scroll down to amendments under HB 1664)




    Other legislative action:


    On Wednesday the Senate unanimously passed the SJR 2 which endorses the retiree medical trust.



    On Thursday Senate ED&A voted to further study SB 466 which would have made photoelectric smoke detectors the New Hampshire standard.



    Upcoming legislative action:


    Wednesday, March 24th the full House of Representatives will vote on HB 1664


    The Senate will vote to send SB466 to interim study.

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