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    May 21, 2018
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  • Legislative Update week of Feb 28th
    Updated On: Jun 09, 2017

    2010 Legislative Session
    Tuesday, March 2nd was a busy day for the Senate ED&A committee. Senate rules allow for Senate committees to hear a bill and vote on it the same day, which moves things along quickly! On Tuesday we had two good hearings and two great results!   President Lang testified on HB 1131 relative to requirements of firefighter certification to the committee and it was and voted out of committee “ought to pass” or OTP 4-0 directly following the hearing. Also heard was SB 504 relative to the effective date for the implementation of the retirement system employer assessments for excess benefits. This bill extends the implementation of the 125% rule until July 1, 2011. The committee voted SB 504 out of committee OTP 5-0. The full Senate will vote on both bills on next Wednesday, March 10th.
    SB 466 relative to automatic fire warning devices and carbon monoxide detection devices in dwellings, was heard on Tuesday afternoon. This bill will mandate photoelectric smoke detectors as the new standard in New Hampshire homes and apartments. Photoelectric legislation has recently passed in Vermont and Massachusetts. The committee indicated that they would like to work with us further on the bill, so we will keep you updated about it’s progress. Many thanks to Senators D’Allesandro, Senator Gallus and our house sponsors and PFFNH members Al Weare from Local 2847, John DeJoie from Local 1045 and Jeff Goley and Dan Sullivan from Local 856 for sponsoring this important legislation.   
    Final action was taken on the first of three tax cap bills that have been introduced this session. The full House voted Inexpedient to Legislate or “ITL” 202-148 on HB 1522 relative to local spending caps. There are two more tax cap bills SB 487 and SB 488 that were heard Thursday morning in front of the Senate Public and Municipal Affairs Committee. We will be working hard to see these other two measures killed. 
    On Wednesday the full Senate voted 24-0 Ought to Pass on SB 428 establishing a committee to study dispatch times within the enhanced 911 system.  SB 428 will now go to the House where it will have it’s first hearing after the crossover period.
    Of note: The Senate had its first hearing on SB 489 this session’s gambling bill. We’ll continue to monitor this legislation.
    Upcoming legislative action this week:
    Monday, March 8th
    Hearing on SJR 2: endorsing the establishment of a statewide retiree medical trust for public employee health care reimbursement benefits after retirement
    Wednesday, March 10th
    House floor action:
    HB 1465: establishing firefighter number plates ITL 15-0
    HB 1486: prohibiting the mandating of fire sprinkler systems in certain dwellings OTP/A 15-3
    Senate floor action:
    SB 504: relative to the effective date for the implementation of the retirement system employer assessments for excess benefits OTP 5-0
    HB 1131: relative to requirements for firefighter certification OTP 4-0
    If you or your members have any questions about this weeks bills or any other legislative action please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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